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You might be wondering…
What tasks should I delegate?
What is my VA doing all day?
What is the best way to get my VA up to speed?
What phone system should I use?
What time zone does my VA work?

Don’t worry! With I Want It Now Team, you’re never alone.
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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Who are I Want It Now virtual assistants?
Where will my virtual assistant be located?
What hours will my virtual assistant work?
What about evenings/weekends? Holidays?
What if I don’t use all of my VA’s part-time/full-time hours in a given week?
Do they roll over? Can my VA work overtime if needed?

Can my VA manage scheduling? Can my VA oversee purchasing?
Will my VA manage outbound/inbound phone calls?
What about inbound/outbound emails?
What level of tech/software knowledge do VAs have?
Do VAs have any specialized skill such as HR, accounting, copywriting or design?

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