Meet Our Virtual Assistants

Real Estate-Trained

These aren’t your run-of-the-mill virtual assistants. Our VAs are A-Players who are trained and ready to dominate any task and explode your business. But, even A-Players are only as good as the systems provided. At I Want It Now, we provide complete step-by-step systems and processes including buyer and seller scripts, follow up documents, best practices and much more!

Screened for Success

I Want It Now  virtual assistants are vetted and screened, ensuring only the best are placed with real estate companies. Don’t waste time looking for that needle in a haystack — we’ve got them.

Ready for Action Starting NOW

Thanks to our thorough pre-screens and sky-high expectations, you can rest assured that any VA placed with your company is the best of the best — and ready to hit the ground running.

  • Strong real estate foundation
  • Technical and administrative skills
  • No training period — VAs are ready on day one

VA Not the Right Fit? No Problem.

And if your virtual assistant isn’t the right fit for your business? It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I Want It Now is here to get you a replacement VA immediately — no questions asked.

  • VAs vetted for success
  • Immediate access to talent pool anytime
  • New VA available same day/next day

Ready To Get Started?

Every business is different. Get in touch today and let’s talk shop. We’ll walk you through the VA process and develop a custom approach to identifying and integrating your virtual assistant fast.